Revision & Study Skills

Why Revision & Study Skills?


Students often don't know how to study and revise. Having a clear understanding of revision skills and what works for the individual  makes all the difference when it comes to exam grades.

My tuition sessions:

  •          Motivate students
  •          Give them direction
  •          Give them the essential study skills needed for success 

I offer 

  •          Group or individual tuition sessions during school holidays (a comprehensive lesson runs to more than one hour)
  •          One-to-one tuition integrated into regular tutor sessions.



To North Somerset Science Tutor in Banwell

Just wanted to let you know some good news! Adam got an A for his Maths! He is thrilled to bits & we're delighted too. Many thanks for your input.'

Adam's Mum, GCSE Maths & Revision/study skills.

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                         How much do you charge?

£30/hour to be taught in a group of 4 for 2 hours.

                          What's covered?

We consider what their ambitions are, what motivates the students and how studying will help them to achieve their goals. The sessions  are hands-on with plenty of discussion  as well as the group trying out and considering study options.